Captain America: Civil War Review (No Spoilers)

Pick A Side
Pick A Side

Here is my spoiler free Captain America: Civil War review.

Captain America Civil War was good, strong movie with a more mature plot than the other Marvel films. It is not the feel good movies that most Super Hero movies are.

In Civil War It is hard to root for anybody. When Captain America fights Iron Man there are no winners, just the complex issues that would arise in a complicated world.

Steve Rogers is fighting for the right to control his destiny and not be a soldier enlisted in a strike force controlled by politicians. Tony Stark is fighting to have oversight over the Avengers. In his view the Avengers have caused too much collateral damage in the Battle of New York, Washington DC and in Sakovia (good thing Iron Man doesn’t work with Superman).

Both sides have valid points. Both believe they are right. It is really hard to pick a side. all the while our heroes are fighting an unseen villain with an unclear agenda.

Ant-man and Spider-man were fantastic. They both brought a much-needed element of humor to the film. I am looking forward to the Marvel Studios Spider-man Homecoming movie.

Civil War introduces us to the Black Panther. The Panther is a cool character and I want to see more of him in the upcoming Marvel movies. His solo movie has great promise.

Overall, the movie was good. There were amazing battles and awesome effects. The plot was solid. The bad guy is complicated and smart. This movie was great. Civil War felt like it took some cues from its Netflix cousins and that is a good thing.

FYI: There are 2 after credits scenes. Stay for both.

Captain America Civil War opens in the US on May 6, 2016


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